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2006 Conference

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Distinguished Service Award - Margaret Shaffer

     I am extremely honored to be able to present this last award.  The Distinguished Service Award is a very special award for MEMO since it was created to honor one of our own members for outstanding service to the organization.  It is granted to those members who have consistently provided leadership and continuous service to the Maryland Educational Media Organization.   I am pleased that this year the Maryland Educational Media Organization has chosen to honor Margaret Shaffer, Library Media Specialist at Easton High School in Talbot County, with the Distinguished Service Award for her continuous contributions to and leadership in MEMO.
      Marge has been a part of the Executive Board of the Maryland Educational Media Organization ever since I can remember.  She has been the LEA representative for Talbot County since the early 1980�s and always provides the Board with keen insight into the issues that it addresses.  In addition to serving as a county representative, Marge was at one time the editor of the Memorandom, MEMO�s newsletter.  She has been a presenter at many MEMO conferences and has represented library media through many presentations at other conferences, MICCA and the Eisenhower Math and Science conference, to name a few.   In recent years, Marge has been the program chair for the last two conferences, including this one.  When asked to help with the Maryland Technology Showcase when it first began, Marge created the professional development area of the library media center at the Showcase and has continued to develop it each year.  Not only was Marge a Fellow the first year of the Maryland Technology Academy at Towson, but she has also served on the Advisory Board of the Academy to help shape its direction.  She has also been a member of the high school Black Eyed Susan Committee since its inception.  And if that doesn�t give her enough to do in her spare time, Marge is also Memo�s web master.
     On a personal note, Marge was my colleague in Talbot County for 17 years and continues to be someone whose advice I seek and whose professional judgment I respect.  She has been a leader in both library media and technology in Talbot County.  Talbot County and the educational community of Maryland are richer for her contributions.  I can attest to the fact that she is an exemplary library media specialist.  Marge�s principal, Tim Thurber, who also can affirm that, is here with her today.  Marge�s husband Keith has also joined us today to be with Marge as she is honored.
     For her tireless effort and dedication to the Maryland Educational Media Organization, I present with great pleasure the Distinguished Service Award to Margaret Shaffer.

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