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BES 2002-2003 Annotations

Grades 6-9

You can use reviews below to produce your own high-level texts. I did write my nursing paper the same way; you can see the final version of my project at

Colfer, Eoin - Artemis Fowl
Twelve-year-old Artemis Fowl, with the help of his bodyguard, plans on regaining his family’s fortune by capturing a fairy and holding her for ransom--the ancient treasure of the fairies. Unfortunately, he has not counted on resourceful Captain Holly Short of the LEPrecon (Lower Elements Police Reconnaissance) and her senior commander, Root, who plans to get her back no matter what means of force he has to use.

Hoobler, Dorothy - The Ghost in the Tokaido Inn
In eighteenth-century Japan, a young boy dreams of becoming a samurai warrior, but because his father is only a tea merchant, he has no hope of realizing his dream. Then one day Seikei and his father are staying at an inn when there is a theft during the night. Seikei sees the figure of the thief and speaks up at the trial of the wrongly accused. The judge, a samurai, is so impressed with Seikei that he becomes his mentor and agrees to help solve the mystery. Thus begins a tale of action, suspense, mystery and danger!

Korman, Gordon - No More Dead Dogs
This humorous book tells the story of Wallace Wallace, bench-warming football hero, who writes an "honest" book report for a class assignment and his efforts result in several days of afternoon detention. Detention is held at play practice for a production based on the same book! Students will identify with Wallace and his problems.

Lubar, David - Hidden Talents
Martin Anderson is sent to his last chance school—"Edgeview Alternative." There he meets a bully named Lester Bloodbath, who enjoys beating up other kids. But he also meets a very special crew of guys who have "hidden" talents: Cheater who can read minds; Flinch who knows when something physical is going to happen; Torchie who can start fires with his mind; and Trash who can make objects move by envisioning them moving. And what about Martin? Does he have a special ability?

Mazer, Harry - A Boy at War: A Novel of Pearl Harbor
While fishing with his friends off Honolulu on December 7, 1941, teenaged Adam is caught in the midst of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Through the chaos of the subsequent days, he tries to find his father, a naval officer who was serving on the U.S.S. Arizona when the bombs fell.

Mead, Alice - Soldier Mom
Eleven-year-old Jasmyn is looking forward to seventh grade, especially since she is going to be the captain of the basketball team. When the Gulf War begins, life changes quickly for her and her baby brother Andrew. Their mother, an Army Reservist, is called to active duty during Operation Desert Storm. Mom is sent to Saudi Arabia, leaving Jasmyn and Andrew to stay behind with Jake, Andrew's father.

Paulsen, Gary - Guts!
Gary Paulsen, the author of many exciting books including Hatchet, is an avid outdoorsman and adventurer. In Guts he relates his own struggle to survive a deprived childhood and shares stories that show his love and respect for the wilderness. In six chapters with titles such as "Moose Attacks" and "Eating Eyeballs and Guts or Starving: the Fine Art of Wilderness Nutrition", he describes some experiences in his life that inspired him when writing his books about Brian Robeson.

Peters, Julie Ann - Define Normal
This book traces the development of an unlikely friendship between two middle schoolers; honor student Antonia Dillon and punked-up Jasmine "Jazz" Luther, whose interests seem to lie in piercings and tattoos.

Sleator, William - Rewind
Eleven year old Peter dies in a traffic accident, but, at his own funeral, he is given three chances to go back to any point in time before the accident and change the events leading up to his death. His first two attempts fail and the third attempt is fraught with danger ? changing his relationship with his adoptive parents, standing up to the class bully, and displaying creativity that he hasn’t been able to show before. Will he be able to save himself?

Woodson, Jacqueline - Miracle’s Boys
Life in contemporary New York City is difficult; however, this story of three African-American brothers who are orphaned when their father drowns and their mother dies of diabetes is one of constant struggle. Twelve-year-old Lafayette, who blames himself for the death of his mother, Miracle, tells this heartbreaking story. He and his oldest brother, Ty’ree, who has given up the hope of college to keep the brothers together, try desperately to keep the middle brother, Charlie, from returning to a life of crime which has already resulted in his being placed in a correctional facility. The boys hope that working "brother to brother to brother" will keep them together.

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